Magazine "Restauranu verslas" is the leader in HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) sector.

Magazine readers: professionals – owners, chefs, managers, cooks, barmen, waitress and other personal of restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, hotels, entertainment complexes, gourmet shops and other HoReCa sector institutions. Hardware and service vendors, importers, manufacturers and other suppliers of HoReCa sector are the readers of magazine also.




"Restaurant business" presentation

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Magazine for HoReCa sector \"Restaurant busines\" (\"Restoranu verslas\")

The mission of magazine is:
- To introduce the news of the innovative technologies, concepts, trends, exhibitions, championships, products and services to all Lithuania HoReCa sector.
- Helping suppliers of food products, drinks, other goods and services "to find" buyers, and buyers - to choose the right products, suppliers, contractors or vendors.
- To advise the food service, hotel and entertainment business professionals and representatives of agencies, as well as educate customers and to be his guide and adviser in food.
- To get acquainted with interesting objects, people and various products, culinary travel, providing information about market news, nutrition, new products and other actual information of food sector.